DeafBlind Access logo in Teal blue are the letters DB, on the top left of each letter are the braille cells to represent that letter. Underneath is the works DeafBlind Access in teal blue.
Two DeafBlind adults are chatting using Tactile ASL outside at a Starbucks. Bob Morales is wearing a green shirt and sunglasses. Kathy Potter is wearing a pink shirt and sunglasses..


To provide DeafBlind individuals with opportunities to socialize with sighted, hearing, d/Deaf, and DeafBlind individuals; thereby affording DeafBlind people with access to recreational and social opportunities.

A group of DeafBlind, Deaf and Sighted people are standing in front of a Starbucks. They are facing the front door and the street is behind them.


To create opportunities for socializing via Support Service Providers (SSPs) also known as CoNavigators (CNs), enhancing a DeafBlind person's access and connection to the world in their preferred communication modality. Fundraising is essential as we create social events and fund Support Service Providers/CNs for all individuals who are Deaf and Blind.

Holiday Fundrasing Gala for 2020 - Cancelled

We are sad to share that our 2nd Annual Gala will be cancelled due to the coronavirus. We hope to hold this event in November 2021 and will share more info as we learn more.

In the meantime, we hope you are healthy and we miss you all!

Communication Access Solutions (CAS) Agency now part of DeafBlind Access!

The Support Service Provider / Co-Navigator Services previously offered by CAS are now offered through DeafBlind Access.

If you signed up with CAS previously we still have your information. We are currently seeking funding to be able to pay our SSP/CN's. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the free services we were providing prior to coronavirus.

If you would like more information on our rates for SSP/CN's please contact Dorene at